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We deliver Adaptable Academies that enhance wellbeing and optimise sports performance.



NEXA Sports Performance and The Adaptability Movement have teamed up to create the opportunity for your sports club / school to develop your own academy. These academies focus not only on improving the physical side of the players, but places a big importance on the mental side.


Ben Haren

Ben has spent over 11 years playing football at the elite level for the Sydney Swans, Port Adelaide and South Adelaide.


Ben has also spent more than 10 years as a Sports Scientist / Strength and Conditioning Coach working with athletes at both the elite and development levels. 

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Daniel Kirk

Dan spent over 10 years playing state level football in the SANFL & VFL, before a career ending injury left him with a permanent leg disability.


Dan discovered a second career in sport, competing in Para Discus and represented Australia at the World Championships in 2017 & 2019.

Dan has also spent more than 10 year as a Sports Scientist / Strength and Conditioning Coach.




Building mindset and skillset

Performance gains that last

Male Seaview high school student jumping and reaching as high as he can during performance testing day.

Performance testing

Sports Careers


 Moving beyond barriers

Tapping into Superhuman abilities

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NEXA Sports Performance

Next Generation Coaching & Education

Developing more than just the physical

NEXA is a holistic coaching and education provider that specialises in athletic development and performance.

We use a variety of holistic techniques to enhance the performance of individuals and teams through the development of mindset, habit building, strength and conditioning, mindfulness, preparation/recovery and more.

For athletes — training, performance testing, learning

NEXA offers a range of different experiences including training, performance testing and learning. The training experience focuses on developing elite habits (physical, mental, and emotional) that ensure athletes have the best preparation to help them achieve their goals at any level of sport.

NEXA’s school performance testing and workshops
Our in-school performance testing and workshops provide young athletes with the knowledge and experience to pursue a career in sport.


NEXA’s learning includes:

  • workshops

  • blogs

  • videos and podcasts that provide insight and the tools required to achieve your best performance — whether it’s in the sports arena, in your career or in your life!

How NEXA is different

We’ve experienced our fair share of obstacles and setbacks in life and through that we have evolved to find better ways of adapting and preparing to perform. At NEXA, we have a passion for sharing what we’ve learned in our own careers as athletes and coaches. Today, we help guide others on their own exploration of personal growth and performance.

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