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The NEXA High Performance Squad is available to athletes from the age 14+. Our specialised small squad environment is the ideal place to build your resilient body and mind while seeking your optimal level of performance. By training alongside a diversity of athletes from different backgrounds you will learn new ways of achieving your desired training outcomes and benefit from the context that training with other high performers outside your sport provides. Our high performance squad offers multiple membership options to cater to your training needs. As part of your induction you will undertake a comprehensive movement screening with one of our movement specialists to identify the underlying imbalances and weaknesses that have been limiting your performance and influencing your injury risk. This is the detail that most coaches aren’t even aware they are missing when writing you a program.

Having secured this vital information our coaches can then put together a high performance training program that addresses these areas to build your most resilient body together with supercharging your performance outcomes.

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