NEXA Education

Here at NEXA we believe in a holistic approach that targets more than just an athlete’s physical development. We have created a new NEXA Education Membership for those athletes who would like to learn more about what they can do outside the gym to strengthen and fast track their athlete journey.


Join a community of athletes that understand that a developed mindset is often the difference between being good or being great. Athletes that value learning, having a community to grow with and who support each other on the journey.


The NEXA Education Membership is already available to members of our athlete training squads, so if you are after other services such as programming and coaching in addition to our education membership you can find those options here.


If you're interested in developing your knowledge and mindset, sign up for free below. Once you are a part of our NEXA Education Community you'll be able to book into classes via GymMaster, access free educational content and receive special offers on our premium learning courses.