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ben haren


Ben's passion is to help young athletes reach their potential and achieve their dreams.

He is driven by his own experience of chasing his AFL dream. All Ben ever wanted was to be the next Warren Tredrea. However, when he was drafted to the Sydney Swans at age 18 he had little idea what was required to be an elite athlete. At the time Ben thought he was well prepared, only to discover that his physical resilience was lacking. Ben discovered his body was unable to handle the stresses of growing and maturing while undertaking an elite athlete training schedule. At the time Ben did not understand the physical work that had to be done and the hours that needed to be put in if he wanted to reach the top level. His body broke down, ultimately leading to his de-listing. Ben was so close to achieving what he had always dreamed of, yet was unable to capitalise on the opportunity to prove that he was capable of playing at the highest level due to something that with the right guidance early on could have been overcome.

Ben’s reason for coaching is shaped by what he learnt from the valuable experiences he went through in striving to achieve his own dream. This has ignited Ben’s passion for strength and conditioning, which has developed into a love for helping other athletes develop and learn from the experiences of those before them. Ben enjoys continuing to learn as much as possible and completed his Master's Degree in Strength & Conditioning in 2019.

Ben is a big believer in ensuring that each athlete is treated on an individual needs basis and that becoming the best athlete you can be is not only about the physical training, but taking a holistic approach to everything you do. Ben is particularly passionate about helping young athletes develop and grow as both athletes and as people.

3 favourite athletes:

  • Roger Federer

  • Tim Cahill

  • Elyse Perry

daniel kirk

From an early age growing up in Tasmania, Daniel was captivated by sport. Being active and pursuing his best was something that grabbed his attention then, and he has held onto that ever since. Daniel was fortunate to do well at most things he applied himself to, however without experienced guidance much of the time he often felt like he was treading a path for the first time. Daniel’s desire and perseverance has served him well in sport, he is grateful to have been able to compete at a high level in Soccer, Football, Beach Volleyball and now Athletics allowing him to form a comprehensive understanding of a wide variety of training, coaching and mindset concepts.


In 2012 Daniel’s life changed forever and he was challenged to expand his mind even further following a permanent and career ending ankle injury after an unfortunate landing playing football. The following 6 operations and two and a half years experience of rehabilitation and ultimate transition to Para sport has taught Daniel invaluable lessons about gratitude, perseverance and living with purpose.

In 2017 Daniel reached the pinnacle of his career thus far when he successfully competed at the London World Para Athletics Championship representing Australia for the first time. Daniel learnt so much from the experience leading up to and competing in London that it has only fueled his desire to innovate and succeed further. Daniel’s personal sporting experience, together with more than 12 years working as a Sport Scientist, Physical Performance and Mindset coach have prepared him well to offer aspiring athletes the experienced guidance he lacked early on to maximise the returns on his hard work.


Daniel’s coaching philosophy is formed around movement efficiency in order to build a resilient athlete capable of maximising their performance and longevity in sport. Daniel believes the greatest power of sport is the experience of connecting with people to foster relationships around cooperation, innovation and perseverance while pursing your optimal performance. Daniel leads the education and wellness department at NEXA. He is passionate about human empowerment through developing a growth mindset, as well as championing for greater social inclusion & equality.

3 favourite athletes:

  • Roger Federer

  • Dani Stevens

  • Michael Jordan

sean sampson


Sean was so captivated by his hunger to learn that at the completion of his bachelors degree he launched straight into to studying a Master’s in Strength and Conditioning. Understanding the need for practical experience at the highest level, Sean sought out an internship with NEXA  at the start of 2019 to expand his coaching skills. Later that year his work ethic was rewarded with an appointment to coach within the NEXA Sports Institute.

Sean has grown up having a strong passion for sport that has extended to fitness and physical performance. His experiences have led him to realise how effective training in the gym or on the training track can directly impact sporting performance. As a young athlete, Sean devoted himself to learning how to train optimally. Early on his Dad bought a home gym and he started writing programs for himself. As his skills evolved he started helping family members with their training which only fueled his interest in coaching others. As Sean decided he wanted to pursue a career in fitness, he took the opportunity to study a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise and Sport Science.

As a coach, Sean is authentic in everything he does with a sharp eye for detail. He is a great motivator, and like the rest of the NEXA coaching team believes building foundational strength is vital to enhancing performance. Sean has a talent for developing young athletes into competent performers beyond their years.

3 favourite athletes:

  • Travis Boak

  • Lenny Hayes

  • Dane Swan

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