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Are you interested in learning the elite training habits that the G.O.A.T athletes use?

Have you hit a performance plateau?

Has training been feeling more like a grind than a passion?

Would you like to discover your ultimate performance potential?

welcome to the nexa sports institute

The NEXA Sports Institute is a high performance program inspired by the best athletic development programs in the world.

Our experienced coaching team has carefully designed a training experience consistent with the systems and elite habits that have seen aspiring athletes like you, succeed in achieving their ultimate sporting dreams. From Strength & Conditioning, Athletic Development and Mindset Coaching, we have you covered.

The NEXA Sport Institute has strict quality controls in place to ensure you get the tools and strategies you’ll need to navigate the challenges of training and competition. Your tailor made training experience will include guidance in the physical, mental and emotional demands of your sport together with developing elite training habits to make your goals possible.

Upon entering the NEXA Sport Institute you are guided through a comprehensive movement screening to identify your highest priority areas in order to build a resilient body and supercharge your performance outcomes. With an intimate understanding of what your body needs to perform optimally, our coaches can then prepare you a detailed individualised program to accelerate your development.

Our squad sessions are limited to 10 athletes per coach. This allows the perfect opportunity for you to learn by training alongside fellow committed athletes from different sports, while maintaining the individualised attention you need. You’ll get ample opportunity to interact with other athletes by participating in our unique game based warm ups and squad challenges. We then utilise strength and conditioning, athletic development and performance mindset coaching principles to supercharge your overall performance.


We work with athletes from a wide variety of sports from individual sports such as Tennis, Golf, Cycling and Athletics to teams sports like Basketball, Cricket, Football and Soccer and much more.

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