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What I've learnt about inclusion

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

What I've learnt about inclusion, disabilities and NDIS from having a friend and business partner with an impairment

Almost 3 years ago, I met my good friend and now business partner Daniel Kirk through a mutual connection, and what that started was a 3 year journey of learning about disabilities, para sport, inclusion and the NDIS. What I have learnt in the last 3 years has not only been extremely eye opening but has also taken me along a path of learning and understanding. A path that I feel many people will never go down and be fortunate enough to experience.

You might be thinking, what does he mean by being ‘fortunate enough to experience?’ Well not only has taking this path led me to meeting so many amazing people, but it has also helped me to expand my view of what the human body is really capable of. Here I am, an able bodied, fit and healthy individual who loves to play sport. Yeah ok, sometimes I might have injuries or other barriers that may stop me from competing or doing the things I love, but in comparison to what I have witnessed Dan overcome to achieve his goals, I am now more aware of what is truly possible for both my own career and that of the athletes we coach.

Dan’s world was turned upside down when after landing awkwardly playing football, he was left with a lifelong leg impairment that would mean he could never again play the sport he loved. Devastating? Yes. The end of his sporting journey? No way! Dan has since tried many different sports, from water polo to archery and eventually discovering a passion for discus. It wasn’t easy by any stretch of the imagination and Dan would be the first to admit there were some dark days along the way. But what this showed was his ability to continually adapt and seek new opportunities.

Dan is just one of many individuals out there who chooses not to let his disability set limitations on the way he lives and instead utilises his ‘Superhuman Ability’. Fortunately these days there are so many options out there for everyone to get involved in sport in some capacity, whether it’s through blind cricket, wheelchair football or a number of other sports which we will witness at the upcoming Paralympics Games in Tokyo.

Since my involvement in inclusive sport, I have seen so many amazing athletes and heard so many incredible stories. I now have a passion for helping make sport more inclusive and accessible for anyone, no matter their circumstances. The beauty of the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) funding, is that not only is there more access to the the number and variety of inclusive sports, but for individuals who want to train more, or simply move better, become healthier, learn some new skill or become part of a community, this has become more accessible than ever.

NDIS funding is there to provide support and services for those individuals so they can tap into their ‘Superhuman Abilities!’ At NEXA we have a passion for assisting people to get the most out of themselves and guiding them towards a more fulfilling life.

Our very own Daniel Kirk who I mentioned above is teaming up with the guru of NDIS, Kate Sturm from NDSP, to host two FREE live webinars on "Top 4 tips for how to use your NDIS plan effectively from a participants perspective.”

These webinars will be a great chance for you to learn more about how you or your loved one can get more out of your NDIS funding. The dates for the webinar are Tuesday 17th August at 12:30pm and Wednesday 18th August at 7pm (ACST). To register your spot for either webinar click HERE.

To find out more about our 'Inclusive and Adaptive Training' as well as our new 'NEXA Superhumans Program' click HERE.

Options for Disability sports:

SACA Cricket for People With Disabilities

SANFL Wheelchair Football

Paralympics Australia

Blind Tennis

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