School & Club Performance Testing

We help your oganisation to develop a sporting culture consistent with the high performance habits of the best athletes and programs in the world. This holistic approach covers physical, mental and emotional development essential for the success of your athletes/students and your organisation. We utilise Strength and Conditioning, Athletic Development and Performance Mindset principles to ensure your sports program is the benchmark amongst your peers.


By measuring athletic performance we gain the knowledge required to improve. By transferring that knowledge into action we can dramatically improve performance and help develop your ultimate sports program.


NEXA Sport offers individuals, schools and sporting clubs the opportunity to access experienced coaches that utilise elite performance testing systems with the latest state-of-the-art technology and equipment. This ensures accurate and reliable analysis of athletic performance to plan for future success.

NEXA Performance testing can help to:

  • Identify key areas that can take an athlete or team to the next level

  • Give clear direction as to what type of strength and conditioning plan is required to achieve peak performance

  • Match athletes to their ideal sport and how to achieve success in it

  • Observe and track performance while preventing injuries

  • Monitor progress and evaluate success

  • Maximise your returns on the time invested in training

We cover:

  • Speed (acceleration and max velocity)

  • Agility and change of direction ability

  • Power and jump ability

  • Repeat sprint ability

  • Aerobic / anaerobic endurance

  • Mobility

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We provide you with:

  • Team and individual reports that provide scientifically valid and reliable data that will equip you with the essential information you need to improve athletic performance

  • Understanding, knowledge and expertise to guide your teachers and coaches to implement recommendations and develop their systems into leading sports programs

  • Workshops led by our performance coaching team to accelerate the progress of your participants and program/s

  • Practical tools to develop adaptable and resilient mindset

  • Speed & Agility

  • Strength & Conditioning